Daniel Ramalho

Daniel Ramalho

Hi. I am Daniel Ramalho and this is my personal blog. The name ITsiders is a generic name I I chose for my blog.

My objective with this blog is to instruct and contribute to the knowledge of many of people who like Information Technology in general.

Besides general IT knowledge, I can offer you career coaching and mentoring as I am always keen to discuss things through to help you achieve the best in you.

In my blog I share some of my home-made videos on IT service management, innovation,  entrepreneurship and more. I know that my blog is just another site on the Internet, but I hope to contribute to your career progress and knowledge.

All opinions and views expressed in my blog are of my own and do not represent the views and opinions of any company or organisation.

The primary purpose of my blog is to educate and inform and it is not a professional advice. Any action you take upon what you read in my blog is strictly at your own risk.